Our Vision

Our vision is to see the church as Christ Centred, Holy Spirit led and People Empowering.

Our vision is to see our church filled with both adults and children, who are bursting with the new life of Christ, and filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.


We see our church focused on changing lives, changing our community and changing the perception of Church.


We see our 'Covenanted Community Church' as a free, joyful, vibrant living organism, being open to the input of various Christian points of view.


We are therefore affiliated to the 'Groundlevel' Apostolic Team. (, which is made up of almost 100 x churches across the UK and has links with other Apostolic and Denominational groups.

Please see their web page.

We are also linked to 'Reaching The World Trust', ( a charity based in the UK and USA which reaches out to many other countries.

Please see their web page. 

We are also involved with 'The Free Project' which helps, among other things, to feed and clothe the homeless. (See The Free Project on F.B)


Our church has always been willing to listen to contrasting viewpoints, but with only one ultimate vision, one goal, one aim, and that is to see the return of Jesus Christ, with that in mind, we do all we can to further the Kingdom of God on earth.


Our church understands that being 'Covenanted' means that we are an important part of each others lives, as well as working within the 'Community' where God has placed us.

Our church has a strong sense of family, and extended family.


Our church members as well as visitors are encouraged through a network of small groups across the area.
The small groups are made up of individual people working together to support, help, encourage and strengthen each other as well as socialise together as often as possible.

Our church is passionate about Jesus, and our meetings are hallmarked with exuberant praise, intimate worship and inspiring preaching."